You will receive a set of 2 dessert spoons in fun shovel designs. Spruce up your dessert time with these fun spoons or give it as a fun gift. Color: Silver Type: Cutlery, Spoon Material: Stainless Steel
Cook your potatoes just right --- fluffy and moist. This useful microwave-safe potato bag will help you achieve just that! Color: Red Material: Cloth Width: 9 in Length: 9.8 in
This watermelon popsicle slicer is a wonderful tool to use in the kitchen - perfect for parties or every day use.  Color: Blue Material: Steel Width: 2.5 in Length: 4.7 in
A fun way to slice your pizza! Gift it to the cyclist in the family or keep one for yourself. Color: Multi-colored Material: Stainless Steel Length: 7 in Width: 3.7 in
A set of 10 chopsticks for the whole family! Crafted from natural bamboo. Material: bamboo Length: 9.5 in
This large vegetable grater saves you time and effort in grating, peeling, slicing your favorite vegetables. Best to use for shredding cabbages.  Color: Green Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel Length: 7.2 in Width: 4.7 in